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Ag Hall of Fame honors local Ag teacher

The Ag Hall of Fame held their banquet on January 19 where local Ag teacher, Charlie Dansie, was among those recognized.

Dansie, who teaches welding, woodshop, and the popular CDL driving class at Connell High School, was nominated for his efforts to bring relevant Ag education to students. The CDL course was inspired by a local farmer who was having trouble finding drivers. Dansie launched something that has been a real hit not only with students but also within the Ag and Agri-business communities and with other districts who are looking to CHS’s cutting edge program wanting to follow in its footsteps.

Dansie said, “The North Franklin School District has done a great job, always wanting to put students first and provide opportunities for the students. We have a great Ag advisory program that has come up with some great ideas for the Ag Program. The support for the CDL program and CTE from the community has been incredible. We have a big team with the same goal.”

He added, “It’s quite an honor to be able to even be nominated to Ag Hall of Fame. There are so many people who’ve done so much...Honored, humbled, exciting and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be there.”

Photo - Lyle Holt (retired CHS Ag teacher) congratulates Dansie at the event.

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