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Biden takes Franklin County, Washington State Presidential Primary votes

March 14, 2024

By: Katherine Trowbridge

In a typically conservative, Republican county, it was a unique turn of events when President Joe Biden led the votes for the Washington State Presidential Primary within Franklin County.

With just shy of 12,00 votes counted and around 250 left to count in the March 12 Presidential Primary, Franklin County, once again, saw a low voter turn out, with only 26% of registered voters participating.

President Biden took the lead overall with 84.3% of the vote while former President Donald Trump came in second at 82.38% of the vote. Nikki Haley also received 13.76% of the Republican vote while "uncommitted candidates" on the Democratic side took 6.76%.

Statewide Biden took the lead with 84.9% of the vote or 92 delegates to the national Democratic convention. Trump once again came in second with 75.8% or 43 delegates to the national Republican convention.

Nikki Haley took 19.9% of the vote on the republican side and "uncommitted candidates" on the Democratic side fell at 9.5% of the vote.

Franklin County Democrats congratulated President Joe Biden on his victory in the Washington State Primary via a social media post on Tuesday evening, March 12.

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