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Day of the Dead -Día de Los Muertos

Nov 3, 2022

The Acolt family looked to feature their Hispanic Heritage with their Trunk 'n Treat display featuring "The Day of the Dead." The Acolt's stated they don't know much of the history behind it but try to keep the tradition alive. "We want to pass the tradition/heritage onto our kids," said sisters Laura, Marla, and Daisy. Their kids played a role in assisting with the Trunk 'n Treat display. Their mom, Amalia, made the bread for their altar, featured at the Hometown Halloween event in Connell.

Day of the Dead or Día de Los Muertos, is a way to honor and remember those who've passed and to celebrate their life. Generally, it is celebrated between the end of October and November 2. The dates depend on when and how the person or pet passed away. Altars are made in homes and at gravesites to pay tribute to loved ones. Candles are lit, prayers are lifted, and gifts presented (usually something the person enjoyed in life). The "bread" is given "to feed their souls". Marigold flowers are often included, representing a path "leading the way to the living".

The Acolt's stated they wanted to bring awareness by bringing this tradition to the downtown event, but were surprised by the number of people who knew what it was. The Disney movie, "Coco" enlightened many about this unique tradition. The Acolt's were excited to see the response and look for ward to more Hispanic involvement in the community. "Hopefully next year will be bigger and better," they said.

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