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Fire training brings safety zone

June 20, 2024

Franklin County Fire District 1 hosted a fire training at the south end of the City of Connell on Wednesday evening, June 12. The event brought vital training for firefighters with a greater purpose of creating a fire safety zone leading into the city.

A few years ago, on October 7, 2019, a fire began in Mesa and traveled through the canyon’s dry brush landing at the south end of Connell that evening. Firefighters worked diligently to hold the fire back and keep it from jumping the roadway that separated the fire from entering the town and engulfing homes at the Connell Park Estates.

As fire levels were set to rise the following day, and as summer approaches this week with increases in temperatures - fire fighters took a proactive apprach to create a fire safety zone or barrier into Connell last week.

Fire District 1 (FCFD1) shared, “FCD1 and Connell Fire would like to thank the community for being patient and supportive of our burn operations.”

They went on to state the benefits of clearing these fuels (dry brush) on their schedule and in preferable conditions. FCFD1 said, “Vehicles and pedestrians in smoke greatly increases the risk of accidents. Removing the urgency that a wildfire creates allows us to focus and operate with a much lower risk. We were able to burn a large area with a relatively clean burn. The evening inversion created some heavy smoke as we mopped up the footprint. We hope our community shares the appreciation for the benefit this provides as we enter fire season. As demonstrated ... fuels are prime to burn.”

On Tuesday, June 11, FCFD1 sent three engines and a tender to assist neighbors to the north with a fire that approached multiple structures in Cunningham.

FCFD1 emphasized that, “We are in fire season. Use caution and be prepared.” More information on fire season and ways to be prepared can be found on their website at

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