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My Gym under new ownership

Sept 1, 2022

“My Gym” is under new ownership as Patricia (Trish) Munoz handed the reins to Lindsay Koehn this summer. Koehn had previously assisted Munoz with her day-care business. When Munoz moved to Texas, the opportunity arose where she asked Koehn to help maintain the local gym. In fact, she was contemplating selling it. After two months of maintaining the gym, Koehn decided she would love to take it over.

Koehn said, “I enjoyed fixing up the machines and improving the building, where I could. Trish and I came up with an agreement, and in June I started to learn how to run the gym under her training.”

“With the gym having large equipment in the facility and for insurance purposes, I had to change the age rules to be 18 and older. I am also working on a solution for ages 15 to 18 to use the gym. I put in a lot of free hours to keep the machines going. I have been impressed with how kind everyone has been and how much they care to help maintain the gym. I’m slowly getting it fixed up as best as I can. Some equipment needs to be replaced but the affordability depends on adding more memberships,” she shared, “I am also opening correspondence with Gold’s Gym in Kennewick to possibly get refurbished equipment at a reasonable price.” She has also added new cameras, so people can feel safe while working out and is looking to make updates to the building as well.

Koehn has seen a lot of support from the “gym community.” “The guys who work out here help to maintain the equipment. I’m not used to that,” she said, “The gym community assists in making not only the machines but the gym in general better.”

“I found a lot of people did not know there was a local gym,” she added, hoping to change that, “I want this to be the community’s gym.”

Koehn grew up living in many small towns and enjoys the small town life. She first moved to the Columbia Basin when she married her husband, Eric (a volunteer EMT) in 2008; living in Basin City before settling in Connell in 2017. Koehn stated she likes to volunteer her services to the community. “This community has been the most easy one I’ve been in.” She shared, as she was growing up, “My dad taught me and my siblings to find ways to make our community better. I often helped him with his community projects. I came to enjoy helping with projects although I prefer jobs out of the spotlight and working independently.” It is her dad's community and entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Koehn to take on the gym.

My Gym is a non profit business, as all the money that members pay to the gym goes back into the gym to keep it going. The gym features a treadmill room, weight training area, cardio/bikes, and floor space for other activities like Pilates, yoga, and sparring. The gym is located at 420 N. Columbia Ave and is open 24/7 with membership. You can find out more by contacting Koehn at 509-591-2166.

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