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NFSD Back to School BBQ brings community together

Sept 8, 2022

By: Katherine Trowbridge

As you drove up to the CHS campus on Thursday, September 1, the smell hit you... that smokey grill scent of BBQ. The NFSD Back to School BBQ celebrated students in all grades as they made their way back to school.

Families from across N. Franklin gathered at the CHS courtyard to share a meal together, catch up, and enjoy the warm late summer evening. People were seen holding conversations while waiting in line and on the grass during the event.

The event, hosted by the Eagle’s Nest, also included door prizes with Eagles Swag by Flying Colors and an introduction to the upcoming extra-curricular activities at CHS with coaches and others sharing. Mrs. Shattuck shared that 32 FFA students will be showing this week at the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show. Team coaches expressed goals for making it to state. Math team, choir, band, and drama were also featured.

Baseball coach, Tom Walker expressed appreciation to Eagle’s Nest, “for everything. They’ve been supporting me as a math teacher and coach.”

Eagle’s Nest brings not only the annual BBQ, but funding for extra-curricular, academics, and sports activities across grades K-12 in N. Franklin. They also sponsor senior scholarships.

“I’m just so excited to bring the community together,” shared Eagle’s Nest President, Robin Freeman, “The Back to School BBQ has been a long lasting tradition here. We really wanted to make an impression this year that Eagle’s Nest is here to benefit all kids in the NFSD. I am just thrilled that the community came together to support this event and the youth in our school district.”

Burl Booker stated, “This is the largest crowd we’ve seen in over eight years.”

Freeman added, “We served over 315 people.”

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