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4 Beans lends to a personalized coffee bean

Jun 23, 2022

By: Kelley Grene

Sara Tarvin had a dream some years ago of opening her own coffee roasting business with her mother. When her mother died of cancer in 2017, she put that dream on the back burner. About a year ago she decided to try again.

“I homeschool my children and we had only one source of income,” she said. “I wanted to help out. My mom taught me the business. I pulled the roaster out of storage and started roasting for family and friends.” By roasting the coffee in her home she was able to add to the family's income while continuing to home school her children.

Sara, and her husband Jacob, launched 4Beans Coffee Roasters shortly thereafter. She tried her luck at the Connell Farmers Market and had good success. After the Farmers Market, she launched an online store. Today she has her coffee, along with soap and chapstick, in the Connell Small Mall and at the Gift Store of the Franklin County Graphic. In the future, she wants to open a local store in Connell.

Sara has green organic coffee beans from Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Uganda. She can make any customized order. Buyers can choose roasts that are light, medium, or dark and/or add flavorings such as Vanilla, Caramel, or Hazelnut flavor. She has K-cup options for Keurig coffee makers and organic decaf coffee as well.

Sara’s online business is

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