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509 Coffee Co. brewing it up for rural communities

By: Katherine Trowbridge

Starting a business during COVID was a challenge for Cecily Piovesan. Yet, it has proven to be a successful one. Piovesan, along with her (then) three children in tow, set out to bring coffee to N. Franklin and beyond. Her goal has always been to build a business that services rural areas and she is doing just that. From vendor events in rural areas, including Kahlotus, to the Basin City Rodeo grounds, Piovesan has brought something unique to our rural communities.

Piovesan, now with four kids in tow, is making it a priority to set up in the Basin City area. She can always be found located by the Basin City branch of the Mid Columbia Libraries on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 am. to 1 pm.

We caught up with her in Connell as she served up staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. Piovesan collaborated with the Cow Path Bakery in Othello to add baked goods to her menu, which were a real hit with the teachers.

She then made her way to Basin City over the weekend of May 12-13 for the Washington State High School Rodeo where she transitioned from serving coffee to energy drinks. She actually served over 230 of them!

Her business is thriving and, as she put it, “we’re getting busy.”

With all that business comes a lot of used coffee grounds. Piovesan, whose husband Doug, runs a large farm, knows the benefits of these grounds. She has packaged them to pick up “free” at her little coffee trailer for use on plants and gardens.

While her business is seasonal, (April to October, depending on weather) Piovesan would like to expand at some point with either an insulated trailer or a drive-thru. In the meantime, you can find her on social media at 509 Coffee Co and hit her up on Wednesday’s and Friday’s in the Basin City area. You can also schedule her for your own event ( or 509-430-6149).

Piovesan offers a variety of coffee options as well as energy drinks and Italian sodas.

She added, “We also sell our 509 blend of coffee beans by the pound for drip coffee or your espresso machine at home.

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