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April Showers lead to May Flower traditions

It's May 1, May Day! The tradition on May Day is to place a bouquet of flowers on a door. This is a nice gesture that brightens the day of both the recipient and the giver. Unfortunately, this is a tradition many no longer practice or even know of.

May Day is also a good reminder that the Connell Downtown Development Association (CDDA) has passed the role of planting the pots along Columbia Avenue to the businesses that they respectfully sit in front of.

Placing flowers in pots along main streets and downtown shopping areas brightens communities, brings life, and a sense of welcome to visitors and shoppers alike. It draws shoppers to businesses and can lead to increased sales.

The CDDA started this beautification of our Main Street when the downtown was mostly closed. Now it is thriving with shoppers and businesses alike.

Their hope is that the tradition of plants along Columbia Avenue will continue to be one that thrives and continues to be a welcoming presence.

Several shop owners have already taken the torch including the Pizza Station (pictured) and Kaffrin's Coffee.

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