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Christmas on Parade Celebrates 5 years, raises over $1800 for local food banks

December 21, 2023

The home of Bart and Susan Hawkins was among the many stops along the tour - along with the outdoor decor and lights the Hawkins provided fresh bread for guests.

Community Christmas on Parade 2023 celebrated five years of honoring the spirit of Christmas through lights and decorations as well as giving back. This annual tour of our rural farms decked out in the Christmas spirit has become a holiday tradition for many of the community.

The Zurcher's tree of sweet things.

This year’s tour saw a Comet sighting (not the cleanser, the reindeer) at one home, while Santa sang as he visited the Hayles’ outdoor cocoa bar. The Zurcher family decorated so many trees that we have literally lost count, but one of them was a nod to a precious new grandbaby which just dripped (the tree, not the baby) with sweet treats. And speaking of drips, Susan Hawkins continues to slather hot bread with butter and homemade jam or honey (your choice) so we hope you didn’t miss out. Our carolers added that special warm fuzzy feeling you get (not the I’ve-had-too-much-chocolate feeling, which is impossible!) when you heard Silent Night.

Organizers encouraged, “Please feel free to continue enjoying the lights we have spread literally everywhere (in the sky, on the ground, across the porches and even on the trees) to celebrate Christmas. You see, that’s the beauty of this event- we were all going to decorate anyway and so having you visit the nine destinations during parade time, was an added bonus for us!”

Organizers expressed appreciation to their neighbors, friends and the Franklin County Graphic who support this event and the many contributors who volunteer their time to help with tickets, posters, gift baskets, a gorgeous quilt and many other details that are all a little behind-the-scenes. They gave special appreciation to Fire Dist. 4 as they roll out the trucks with lights and sirens each year. To the Firemen- May Santa remember your happy hearts! The Fire District takes care of all the raffle gift baskets and donations. Thanks to ticket contributions and raffles, this year’s event organizers (you!) are able to donate $1818.00 this year to the Basin City and Connell Food Banks.

“But while the parade event is over for another year, the best part is yet to come. We look forward to community celebrations within families, churches and other organizations, of the birth of the Christ Child. If there is anything that brings us together, no matter our joys or occasional heartaches, it is our worship of the birth of the Son of God. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone,” Chris Montierth expressed.

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