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Coyote Tires expanding family dream

October 26, 2023

By: Katherine Trowbridge

In looking to introduce Coyote Tires to our community, we found yet another story of Hispanic Heritage and the American Dream. Severo Jimenez came from Guerrero, Mexico and had a variety of jobs including truck driving for many years but he always wanted to own his own business. He started at the Pasco Flea Market many years ago and moved on to start a tire shop in Kennewick, Jimenez Tires. Severo wanted to expand and asked his son Daniel to manage his Connell store.

But first we need to backtrack a little, to when Severo was a kid and always wanted to own his own horse. Horses have been his passion and he took that passion and made it something that is recognized across the Columbia Basin. When his business picked up and he was able to, he purchased his own horse and then the land to house them and the hay and supplies. Severo is the owner of the ever popular “dancing horses” that grace our communities parades.

Daniel shared, “It has always been a family business,” speaking of the tire shop, “My dad, little brother and myself all work there.”

Daniel had moved to Connell with his fiance, purchasing a house here about a year ago and saw the building go up for sale. As his dad was looking to expand, they purchased it and his dad asked him to manage the new store. However, Daniel also has a regular job - with not so regular hours. So he explained he opens when he can and it’s been hard. “If the tire shop takes off, I could quit my other job and do this full time.”

Daniel added, “We wanted to keep in the theme of the community. You have Coyote Run RV and Coyote Ridge, so we called it Coyote Tires.”

He shared that they saw the need within the community and wanted to bring more business here.

Of the building he shared that everything is still original and they want to keep it as true to the original history as possible. They would love to see any historic photos you may have. However, the building is old and in need of repair. They replaced some windows and added insulation, fixed water, got lights working, and cleaned up the property. “We took away about five to six truck loads of weeds and debris.”

The Jimenez’ hope to expand in the future to bring in oil and brake services but stated they need business to pick up first. Coyote Tires currently offers new and used tire services.

“My regular job fluctuates, so it’s hard to provide consistent hours,” Daniel explained, “But I want to be here for the community and ask that they just call to schedule services.”

You can contact Coyote Tires at 509-366-8912.

The shop is located at the corner of Columbia and Clark St.

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