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Edwin Markham celebrates 60 years

May 19, 2022

Edwin Markham Elementary celebrated 60 years with friends and family on Saturday, May 14. Over 300 attended the event including staff, students, and quite a few former staff and students. Pasco School District Superintendent Michelle Whitney came out to celebrate the occasion.

The overall rainy day gave way to blue skies and sunshine just in time for all the fun.

There were various picture boards on display highlighting the history of the school and its students and staff. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing while perusing the boards and sharing memories.

Guests were asked to fill out cards providing their favorite memory at Markham, and their favorite staff member. There was also a competition to name the mascot (a name has yet to be chosen).

Some of the memories were Friday sing-alongs in the Library with Mrs. Darrington (Thomas). One was when a skunk was killed on the playground and the fumes came into the building and everyone had to leave school early.

Every year they also hold an AR auction (kids get to bid on prizes with points they earned from reading), and several of the annual events that Edwin Markham has been doing for 30+ years - Bingo Night, Fall Carnival, Etiquette Lunch, etc. These all made for great memories for the students.

Several vendors provided food for the event. Kona Ice donated a portion of their proceeds to the school. The money from Kona Ice goes to PALS (the parent group), that money is used for assemblies, playground equipment, teacher supplies, prizes for AR, etc.

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