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Father Daughter Dance - a magical night

The annual Father Daughter Dance was a magical night for daughters of all ages who joined their dads at Connell Elementary on Sat., March 4.

Dads and daughters were dressed in their best for this special night out.

The Masquerade Theme brought with it some fun crafts as dads joined their daughters in creating bejeweled, sparkly, and feathered masks. Although the line to the ever popular craft table was quite long at times.

Decorations, which included masks hanging from the ceiling (a nice touch) didn’t go unnoticed by the guests. There was even a photo booth that was also very busy as memories of the night were captured.

The dance floor was filled for numerous fast paced, crowd pleasing songs.

Tyson Steele shared, “This is a work out.” He wasn’t the only one who felt that way as other dads agreed stating, “they don’t need to work out for a week.”

There was opportunity for a break and conversation as daughters gathered with friends around the coloring table or enjoyed some of the great food items. The daughters said the best part was, in fact, the food, especially the cream puffs. While they added, the best part for thier dads was talking with their friends. The dads did enjoy the conversation but really liked the opportunity to share this special night with their daughters. The event was said to be better than the high school dances by some of the older daughters.

Guests came from all around including Othello and Tri-Cities. The dance supports next year’s graduating senior class party, all while providing a meaningful event to our community.

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