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Firefighters paid tribute to one of their own, Saturday, Feb. 12

Feb 17, 2022

By: Katherine Trowbridge

It was a beautiful tribute that brought tears to the eyes of onlookers as firefighters honored the life of Steven Houston on Saturday, Feb. 12. The procession went down Columbia Avenue and returned up the street, turning into the Connell Community Center where the memorial service, complete with honors, was held.

Firefighters from Franklin 2, Franklin 3, Franklin 4, Franklin 5, and Adams 5, joined in the procession and service. The line of fire trucks for the procession was a sight to behold. The Connell Police Department was also on Columbia Avenue to pay tribute.

During the memorial service, guests shared about Houston’s caring heart and how he would go above and beyond to help others. Often with a shovel in hand to assist those who could not remove snow for themselves.

Houston was an asset to our community through the fire department, the Connell Community Club, and by volunteering and helping his neighbors, anyway he could. His humor and good heart were remembered.

The Tri-Cities Firefighter Honor Guard gave a tremendous flag presentation during the memorial.

The Fire Auxiliary along with many of the firefighters’ families handled many tasks along with food service joined by our fire commissioners who provided excellent grill service.

Eric Mauseth, Franklin Fire District 1 Chief, stated, “Today was a great example of the fire family brotherhood. Rest In Peace Steven Houston.”

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