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Franklin County approves road work

Sept 1, 2022

Franklin County will be seeing more roadwork in the near future. Franklin County Commissioners approved Resolution 2022-169 authorizing the Taylor Flats and Ringold Road Safety Improvement Project.

County road project 632, as it was referenced, was combined from two safety projects submitted for funding through the Highway Safety Improvement Program. The project will widen shoulders and flatten slopes on Taylor Flats and install guard rails and flatten slopes on Ringold Rd., according to Mr. Erdman with the Franklin County Public Works Department. Erdman went on to state, this is similar to what the county did at Douglas Fruit up to Selph Landing Rd. They are looking to have funding to complete that project with widening of Taylor Flats Rd. and overlay. The goal is to do the same with this project once it is done.

“The idea with this particular safety project,” Erdman said, “we’re working to alleviate departure accidents, when people leave the road. We’re trying to mitigate that. We know that if we keep them on the road, they’re a lot safer than off the road.”

Other elements with safety measures include flashing lights, stop ahead flashers, rumble bars, etc. Erdman said the county has been quite successful with that.

Commissioner Brad Peck expressed his appreciation to the department “for keeping our obligations on track.”

Peck added that flattening hills reduces those areas where people try to pass on a blind hill. “Those accidents tend to be fatalities,” Peck said.

Erdman added, “Those have been a major improvement to our road system and I believe we’ll see in the years to come, their crash data will reflect their usefulness.”

Commissioner Rocky Mullen expressed appreciation to the department for the work in getting the grant and on the road projects.

The federal grant project will have a 10% county match.

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