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Franklin County Sheriff’s Investigate Homicide on Leon Drive

-Basin City, Wa

Oct 23, 2023

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, in a press release on Monday, Oct. 23 expressed their detectives were currently in the preliminary stages of a homicide investigation on Loen Drive in the 200 Block of Basin City.

The release stated that a 911 call was placed at approximately 7:25 am. on Oct. 22. The 911 call reported that a male was found unresponsive in front of the residence in the 20 block of Loen Drive.

The 24 year old male has been confirmed to be Huber Perez-Morales of Basin City.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. The Sheriff’s Office said, “We have reason to believe this is an isolated incident, and that the public is not in danger at this time.”

If you have any additional information regarding this investigation, contact Detective Sergeant Warren by calling (509) 628-0333.

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