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Livestock Booster formed to assist local youth livestock projects

The North Franklin Livestock Booster (NFLB) is pleased to announce its inception. NFLB was established to use funds acquired to help boost kids with livestock projects at our three terminal fairs.

Organizers shared, “There are times that kids simply do not get enough at auction to pay for their project. NFLB recognizes that these kids work hard and we want to help these kids stay in agriculture by helping to boost those prices. NFLB is sustained by donations of money and time. Our goal is to gather funds, with donations from our community, to then use at the three fairs this fall.”

The overall impact will depend on the funds they are able to generate in the short time available prior to the start of the fair season. While the NFLB has had a late start, they believe there is a need that must be met.

They added, “The booster is present to help support our students that go to the schools within the North Franklin School District with livestock projects. We appreciate any and all assistance with this endeavor and want to thank our community for the support it gives to our future generations that show their grit and talent by participating in our local fairs.”

Please send checks to North Franklin Livestock Booster c/o Christine Jenks2543 Rangeview Rd, Othello, WA 99344

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