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Massage by Ana “6 years and counting”

Sept 1, 2022

As Massage by Ana gets ready to celebrate “six years and counting” in business they are adding some new faces and expanding offerings to the community. Ana Pahua shared, “We’re going on six years in September since I started Massage by Ana. Since then, we’ve incorporated body sculpting treatments. Business is going really good, really busy. We’ve added another massage therapist, Kate Chamberlain, who is at the office part time.”

Pahua is now a Connell resident along with a business owner, coming over from Othello. Pahua has also added Yvett Cervantes (of Mesa) who works the front desk and greets guests to the business.

Chamberlain stated, “I like Ana’s aesthetic and her whole approach, it made me want to join the team. I like massage. I feel everyone can feel better with some movement.” Along with massage, Chamberlain also does body and facial cupping. She explained that they are always moving so there is no redness afterwards and it can help with sinus, jaw pain, headaches, and help to tighten skin.

Chamberlain added, “It is very relaxing. Everyone needs de-stressing, especially now.”

Juhlisa Rebuelta, a Licensed Esthetician, joined the business this summer. Rebuelta shared, “Ana’s known me since I was small.” Pahua added, “I’ve known her family for about 14 years. She also comes from Othello.” After high school Rebuelta went to Columbia Basin College (CBC) where she got her AA degree. She then attended courses at Blue Stone in Ellensburg to gain her Esthetician license. “I liked that school because of how many clients we saw.

There was a lot of hands-on experience.” Rebuelta graduated in June and joined the business here in Connell the first of August. Rebuelta brings a lot of offerings to the massage business, making it more a spa effect, from facials to lash extensions. Offerings include skin tightening and anti aging facials as well as facials for acne prone skin. Lash extensions - classic, high bred, and volume. She also does full body “sugar” waxing. She explained, “It is a more natural form of hair removal using water, sugar, and lemon that only adheres to the hair. It is better for the skin than the traditional waxing.”

Rebuelta has always been into beauty, learning to do hair at a really young age. She said, “I struggled with my own acne and wanted to be able to help others. At school, I fell into lashes and aesthetics. Sugaring is my favorite, though. Being an Esthetician opens the door to many areas in beauty and health.” Lately, she has been interested in massaging that goes along with the facials. “It’s very relaxing and satisfying,” she said, “I want the customers to have that spa experience.”

Pahua is excited to celebrate six years in business and looks forward to continuing to grow along with the community. Watch for details on an open house to celebrate “six years and counting.”

The business is located at 650 S. Columbia Ave. in Connell. Call (509)431-0603 for any services.

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