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Pizza Station celebrating 22 years

Jun 16, 2022

By: Katherine Trowbridge

The Pizza Station is celebrating 22 years in business. Owners, Lee and Vicky Barrow recently took some time away to celebrate.

The Barrows, also avid VTX Motorcycle owners, have received quite the following over the years. Their VTX biker friends have made it an annual tradition to take ride to Connell for some good pizza. The group, not necessarily organized, is just a bunch of friends who own VTX bikes and their friends who also invite their friends. This year, June 4, about 14 made the cool and rainy drive to Connell. They came from Burrien, Yakima, Renton, Arlington, among other areas, meeting up in our little town to enjoy Pizza and friendship. This would’ve been their 16 treck, but they lost a year to the pandemic. Over the years, they average about 25 bikers, one year was nearly 50. This year along with VTX, there were Honda’s, Triumph’s, Kawasaki’s, Harley, and Yamaha bikes which all park outside the Pizza Station in historic downtown Connell.

The riders stated, “We come out to support the Pizza Station.” The Barrow’s said it is a fun time. They provide more than pizza, offering the riders a raffle and door prizes.

The Barrow’s stated of their 22 years in business and the community’s support, “It’s been a hell of a ride....Thanks to you all for the support all these years!”

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