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Mesa Grocery expands to Kahlotus

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

JC’s Mesa Grocery recently expanded their operations into Kahlotus by opening Uncle Jay’s on Friday, March 11.

Brothers Alex and Jerry Dogra are ready to serve you at the new store, located just off Hwy 260 in Kahlotus.

The expansion came from some of their Mesa store employees who lived in Kahlotus. They told Jay Dogra and his sons Alex and Jerry that there is nothing at Kahlotus for simple groceries or other necessities. While the Farmer’s Daughter provides some snack foods and a restaurant, there really wasn’t a grocery service for the community. Alex Dogra stated, “It’s not about our profit. It’s about the convenience for the people here, not having to drive all the way to Connell with gas prices and all that. Even people in the RV at the dams can come here for what they need.”

The new store features grocery items such as bread, milk, fresh produce, a fresh deli, and convenience items. The deli includes chicken wings, burgers, pizzas and more. It also boasts a bait and tackle section, and they are looking to expand to include ammo as well.

The Dogras like to get to know their customers and stated, “We work to please them with what they’d want and try and stock to keep it in the store.”

While they’d like to hold a grand opening, they are still working to get the store fully stocked with products. They hope to hold a grand opening at the end of March. Alex is the manager of the new location, and Jerry also works there.

The store is located right off of SR 260 and is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with closing time subject to change. They can be reached by calling 509-282-3239.

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