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2019 murder victims family gets some closure as Sheriffs seek further help in case

By: Miurlin Escalante

Franklin County Sheriff Officer Marcus Conner took to the microphone to welcome everyone as Estela Torre-Rodriguez' family emotionally walked in when they saw her picture being projected on the screen at the front of the room. The reason Conner called this press conference was not only to update the community as to the progress of the case, but to reach out for help.

There have been some revelations since this case first came to light on March 29, 2019, but there is also someone still on the loose and the Sheriff's Office believes someone local may know something, possibly without knowing they know it.

When officers first responded to that call, they thought it was a missing person. But upon further investigating, they realized foul play might have been involved. Every officer, every agency, that has worked on that case, has not stopped since that dreadful day.

The last two people believed to be seen with Estela were her estranged husband, Tiburcio Rodriguez (at large) and her son, Clemente Rodriguez Torres (awaiting trial).

When officers recovered the white Buick Rendezvous at a rest stop on Highway 26 back in 2019, they believe a family may have been passing through and witnessed something.

After finding the vehicle Sheriffs deputies conducted a search for Estela's body outside of Connell. Her remains were finally located on July 3, 2023 about six miles southeast of Connell.

Estela's estranged husband, Tiburcio Rodriguez, is wanted for murder and is still at large. He is believed to be in Mexico.

The FCSO is reaching out to the community to come forward if they have any information relating to this case. You can remain anonymous. During regular business hours, call 509-545-3501 or you can call 509-628-0333 24 hours a day.

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