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2nd Thursdays brings out community

Oct 20, 2022

Kahlotus students brought “2nd Thursdays” to life in Kahlotus on Oct. 13 with their first event; the result of the new service learning program. Students surveyed the community for what they wanted and one of the items was more food choices. By holding 2nd Thursdays, the students felt they could bring in food trucks for more choices, along with entertainment. The students met with the city, contacted vendors, made decorations, and provided a band, along with a costume contest for the kids.

Winners of the contest were Jasmine Villa and Kaysen Wold, (pictured with runner up). Both the kids and the adults enjoyed getting to dress up in costume.

Tori Romeike said she enjoyed getting to see her friends. Her mom, Janelle, added, “It’s good, the city is supporting them in any way we can.”

The Hot Zone and Mini Donuts were the food vendors along with The Farmers Daughter and Susies Saloon. Manuel Gallegos stated he enjoyed, “the tacos and the good music,” adding, “The kids get to play outside. It’s just a nice little event.”

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