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American Legion Needs Your Help


April, 20 2023

By: Katherine Trowbridge

Since the roof blew off the American Legion, sending questions throughout the community on if this historic building will be able to be saved or not... American Legion, members have been working to see what can be done and how much it will cost to repair the damage.

The building has been partially condemned. The city has also expressed concern as to the safety of the building.

At this point the Legion needs your help. Chad Egbert stated, "the first thing we need is someone who can assist in cleaning up the mess."

Egbert stated that what they really need is someone with a machine to lift the mangled pile of roof onto a trailer so they can haul it away. However, any help to clean up the mess is appreciated.

The veteran's group is limited on funds and is working on several things but was not quite ready to put it out there for fund-raising at press time. However, since then they have created a Go-FundMe account. In one day, they have raised nearly $1,000. Meghann Colley stated, "The damage caused to the American Legion building has left the organization struggling to provide essential services and support to the community's veterans. Given its historical significance, we are urging the community to unite and come together to support this worthy cause."

The historic building, located in downtown Connell, has a rich history dating back to its construction in 1906, initially serving as the Mottett Building and housing the first bank in Franklin County. Over the years, the building has undergone various transformations, including functioning as the Connell Land & Improvement Company, Sunland Hotel, and Luckey's Grocery Store. It was subsequently renamed the Jesse L. Colley American Legion Post 195 following World War II and has since been a crucial hub for local veterans.

The American Legion Post 195 has played an instrumental role in providing local veterans with essential services and support, such as serving meals on national holidays, organizing service events on Memorial Day, and hosting an annual recognition ceremony at Mountain View Cemetery. They also fund and place flags along the local streets during National Holidays and offer daily coffee meeting spaces for veterans.

You can donate through the Go-FundMe account at:

The FCG will continue to update you as things progress.

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