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Storm takes roof

This afternoon's rain/hail storm huffed and puffed and blew the roof right off the historic American Legion building in downtown Connell. It was no April fools joke, taking place just before 12:30 pm. on Saturday, April 1.

Emmalee Milage was outside washing windows at Kaffrin's Coffee when she said a whirlwind came through the area. "It was almost like a small tornado," she said, "it just picked up the entire roof." Others described it as a "big gust of wind" that came through.

Emergency first responders were quick on the scene blocking Columbia Ave with the city's ladder truck as Fire Chief Ken Woffenden along with legion members cleaned up the aftermath, pushing the roof that now laid across Main Street into the grass area next to the building with a small backhoe.

Chad and Stephanie Egbert shared that they will be getting ahold of their insurance agency. However, the historic building, one of the first to be built in the area, has seen better days. The upstairs especially has a lot of wear and tear.

No vehicles or people were caught in the roof collapse.

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