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Council authorizes BDI fuel surcharge

Aug 25, 2022

The Connell City Council authorized Basin Disposal Inc. (BDI) to implement a 4.43% fuel surcharge to the September and October bills. The request from BDI was originally slated at nearly 10%, however, City Administrator Cathleen Koch was able to negotiate with BDI to bring that down to just over 4%. The surcharge will offset the increased costs of fuel. If fuel prices are still high, the city anticipates BDI will submit a second request for the Nov. and Dec. bills. A fuel surcharge is often used when prices of fuel increase and can easily be removed when prices decrease. A surcharge, can easily be adjusted as needed, unlike a full rate increase.

Koch expressed that BDI has been a great partner, adding that the city expects to hear from them more as the contract, dating back to 1995, is revisited as well as the latest results of the recycling survey come in.

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