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Election night 2023

Preliminary Election Results as of 8:15 pm. Tuesday, Nov.7, 2023

By: Katherine Trowbridge

The 2023 General Election will decide a number of local seats from city council positions to ambulance and fire levy propositions. With a voter turnout of only 19.11% and an estimated 25 votes left to count in the early election counts - here are tonight's results.

Voters are showing a favorable vote for Hospital District 1 Proposition 1 with 61.54% Approved (528 votes) and 30.46% Rejected (330 votes).

In the race for Connell City Council, once again Preston Hart leads in the votes for Position 5 with 57.4% of the vote to Patrice Hebel at 42.15% of the vote. Numbers in this race could get close as more votes are counted. Incumbent Shelly Harper leads for Position 6 with 68.37% of the votes to David (Duey) Dixon at 33.18% of the votes. This Position saw one write in vote, thus far in the race.

For the City of Kahlotus there were a surprising number of write ins. Michael Robitaille leads in Position 2 with 70% of the vote, write in votes came in at 30%. James Hagans is at 61.9% leading in Position 4 with write in votes taking 38.1% of the vote. The big surprise of the night is in Position 5 were the write in votes lead with 54.55% of the vote, Shirley Ayers trails at 45.45%.

The City of Mesa didn't see any surprises with each candidate taking 100% of the vote thus far. Position 2 - Augustine Garcia, Position 3 - Brandon Eveland, Position 4 - Jay Michael Dillard, and Position 6 (Mayor) - Jim Cronenwett.

The Kahlotus School District also saw some write in votes but nothing like the council positions. Melanie Ayers took 98.11% of the vote to the write in at 1,89% for Position 1. Position 4, Joe Roach has 100% of the vote.

The North Franklin School District also saw some write in votes. Incumbent Patricia (Patti) Walker leads at 73.11% of the vote to Ciera Valdez at 26.58%. Incumbent Terry Utecht also leads in Position 2 with 98.87% of the vote. His position is seeing 1.13% of the vote go to write in votes. Incumbent Jon Fox is also leading with 98.69% of the vote with the write in vote at 1.31%.

Port of Kahlotus District 2, William Harder Jr leads at 85.51% of the vote to Jon Andrewjeske at 14.9%. James Moore leads at 98.41% of the vote for District 3 with write in votes taking 1.59%

Port of Pasco Commissioner incumbent Vicki Gordon is at 98.81% with write in votes taking 1.19%.

Benton Franklin Superior Court Judge Diana Ruff has 90,02% of the vote with write ins at 0.98%.

Fire District 1 Commissioner Position 1 - Burl Booker is at 98.68%.

Fire Protection District 2 Commissioner Position 2 - Don Hentges 100%.

Fire Protection District 3 Commissioner Position 1 - Todd Blackman 99.09%.

Fire District 4 Commissioner Position 2 - Jim Klaustermeyer - 100%.

Amy Thompson leads with 81.68% of the vote for Cemetery District 2 Commissioner Position 1, Carol Linder received 17.67% with one write in. Position 2 - Becky Cochran has 100% of the vote.

Hospital District 1 Commissioner District 1 - Position 1 - Robert Andrews -99.42%.

Fire Protection District 3 Proposition No. 1 is failing in the early vote counts, but the numbers are close - those voters Approving the proposition are at 48.87% with 517 votes and those rejecting the proposition are at 53.23% or 568 votes.

The next ballot count will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 5:00 pm. Votes in the general election will not be final until certified on Nov. 28.

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