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Fire at nuisance property, causes injury

By: Clayton Trowbridge

Just north of us in the town of Lind, a fire at an old house at 210, 3rd Street was responded to by Adams County Fire Departments, Lind Fire Department, the Sheriff's Department and others around 6:30am on Wednesday, April 19.

Authorities stated that the house, with surrounding old camping trailers and broken down cars, was known as a "drug house" with hoarders. Firefighters were extra careful to not take the additional risk of succumbing to being trapped as fallen and stacked boxes of unknown contents blazed.

At 8am, firefighters continued to attend to the smoldering fire.

Just before 11am, the Adams County Sheriff's Office conveyed that one adult male was injured and transported to the Ritzville Community Hospital for treatment. Due to a year of ongoing and unresolved nuisance violations to abate on the parcel and two previous fires in January … the neighborhood is not sympathetic. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Lind is located a couple miles west of Hwy 395, between Connell and Ritzville.

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