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Five arrested, charged with theft

In a follow-up to a story the Franklin County Graphic broke last week, regarding stolen goods. . .The Franklin County Sheriff's office shared in a press release that an additional search warrant was served on Tuesday, January 10, where a seventh stolen vehicle was recovered, in addition to stolen property related to the Clark Addition Case.

Four people had been arrested and booked into the Franklin County Corrections facility on possession of stolen property in the 1st degree. Jerome Wright of Pasco and Jaclyn Israel-Peterson were each given the additional charge of “possession of a stolen motor vehicle.” Amanda Vogel was also arrested for a warrant out of Franklin County District Court. Also arrested on Tuesday, January 10 was Sasha Betzen of Pasco.

Prosecutors charged a total of five people in the case that began with a fleeing car. Eduardo Munoz, who ran from Franklin County Deputies, ultimately leading police to the property at North Road 44 in Franklin County, will face the most charges. Munoz’ charges include: attempting to elude police, vehicle theft, and illegal gun possession.

Sheriffs continue to identify and return the recovered property.

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