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Franklin County Commissioners approve CUP for feedlot expansion in N. county

The Franklin County Commissioners held a closed record hearing regarding an application requesting the expansion of an existing feedlot in N. Franklin County, at their January 17 meeting. The staff report noted that the request is for upwards of 10,000 head of cattle to be added to the already existing operations of 1,000 head. The feedlot, located northeast of Paradise Road, east of Moon Road, south of Coyan Road, southwest of Muse Road, and west of Hwy 395 , is in a sparsely populated area of the county.

Commissioners expressed concerns regarding water; with that big of an expansion and the expansions effects to county roads.

The applicant, Six D Ranches, is looking to become a “growing facility.” The expansion would be made on 292 acres.

Chairman of the Franklin County Commissioners, Clint Didier, shared that these types of facilities are much needed, as the cattle are passed onto finishing sites at Tyson Meats.

The conditional use permit was the subject of the meeting with compliance to federal, state, and Benton Franklin Health Department regulations. The permit is within the scope of the county’s comprehensive plan.

The commissioners approved the conditional use permit giving permission to move forward in the process.

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