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Franklin County could be losing another administrator

Updated: Jun 21

June 21, 2024

By: C&K Trowbridge

It appears Franklin County will once again be without a County Administrator, unless something changes. 

On Tuesday, June 18, Franklin County Commissioners were joined by legal staff in an executive session meeting.

The closed door session lasted around 40 minutes before chairman Rocky Mullen opened the meeting back up stating, “We are back from executive session with no decisions made.” Mullen then opened the floor up for any other business to which Commissioner Stephen Bauman spoke. 

“I move to acknowledge that the county administrator approached the board about severing the current administrators contract.” Commissioner Bauman said, “The administrator will be on paid time off or PTO to allow the parties sufficient time to execute an amicable agreement.”

Bauman went on to state, “We anticipate the parties will execute a final agreement by next week’s board meeting.” 

Commissioner Clint Didier seconded the motion with all in favor. 

Mike Gonzalez

The Franklin County Graphic spoke with Franklin County Administrator Mike Gonzalez later that evening. Gonzalez stated he wasn’t out and was still serving the county.  

However, based on the statement from the commissioners it sounds like a resignation was submitted. We were unable to get clarity from either party. 

The next commissioner meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 26 at 9 am.

Gonzalez has served the county since March of 2023.

This news comes on the cusp of another legal battle within Franklin County as commissioners and other elected officials are being investigated for misconduct.

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