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Is crime on the rise in Connell?

By: Katherine Trowbridge

With break-ins over the summer that led to a new 8pm campaign by the Connell Police Department encouraging residents to secure their property, lock their doors, and turn on street lights. To last week’s break-in in downtown Connell. It all begs the question - Is crime on the rise in Connell?

The Franklin County Graphic contacted the Connell Police Department (CPD) to inquire about any updates on the recent break in at Dayana’s Salon in downtown Connell. Kenna Reid, on behalf of the department, stated that while the CPD understands and shares the community’s concern with the increase in crime /theft within the community and while they are working on the cases, can not comment any further at this time.

Rebeca Al Iesa, a local downtown business owner, expressed that petty theft by young teens was an issue of late.

We reached out to t Dayana’s Salon but were not able to reach them at this time.

Looking back at the police reports from July 2020, 2021, and 2022 - here is what we found:

Thefts: 1 (20), 2 (21), 3 (22).

Burglary: 0 (20), 2 (21), 1 (22).

Assault - 2 (20), 0 (21), and 2 (22).

Trespass: 1 (20), 2 (21), 1 (22).

Alarms: 4 (20), 3 (21), 12 (22).

Suspicious: 15 (20), 14 (21), and 6 (22).

It appears, by the numbers, that crime is holding steady, with a slight incline in some areas.

Coincidentally, the CPD posted to social media on Monday evening (following our contact with them) with the following statement. “We here at Connell Police Department understand that our community is concerned with the increase of car prowls, disturbances and residential burglaries. Please note that our officers are working diligently to investigate these occurrences. Securing your home, turning on outdoor lights and locking your car, are great ways to minimize damage and theft.”

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