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Tumble In Bar Stumble Out Grill bringing a taste of home

May 30, 2024

By: Katherine Trowbridge

The Tumble In Bar, Stumble Out Grill opened just over a month ago in downtown Connell. Since its first open sign, the community has been really supportive of this new restaurant endeavor.

Owner Angella Drake is hopeful for how her new venture will expand and grow. Drake has worked in waitressing and customer service her entire career. Drake said, “I like people.” 


She followed her family to Connell from Long Beach, WA. Her mom, sister-in-law, and nephew all came to Connell to work at the prison. Her sister-in-law is our Woman of the Year, Tara Proctor. 

Here, she worked for Tyra Gilbert at the Pizza Station before taking the leap of opening a restaurant of her own. She shared, “We needed a breakfast restaurant in town.” She also wanted to do something different than everyone else in town. So she took a step up by offering a taste of home to her customers. She started out offering Lone Crow hamburgers on her menu and will also offer other local wagyu meets, in order to keep up with demand. 

She will be offering family services until 7 pm, when the restaurant will turn into a full bar. However, she hasn’t opened the bar just yet, as she is waiting on her liquor license. 

Angella Drake (center) with her staff (l-r) Allen, Sheralyn, Dililah, David, and Ruby (not pictured).

The restaurant is itself, a family affair as both her mom and sister-in-law come in to assist her. She expressed special appreciation to her mom, Patricia Pruess and Bob Widows for their support. Drake also has employed several people in our community including David - an experienced chef, Allen - cook, Sheralyn - cook, Dililah - waitress, and Ruby - waitress. 

Drake stated she has learned people in Connell like to eat later in the evening. With steady help, she hopes to open longer and have more hours. 

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday 6am to   7pm. Breakfast is served till 11 am, as they don’t have enough grill space for all day. Lunch includes burgers, patty melts, and more. Along with their regular menu they also have a special kids menu. Drake shared that they are offering weekly specials as well as their regular dinner menu. Their recent special was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy with a roll and salad. That was one meal you don’t get very often these days. They definitely have a taste of home, not just in the meat they serve, but the type of food they are cooking. The homemade diner style food is one you will want to come back for. 

Drake said, “We like home cook’n.” 

You can follow the Tumble in Bar, Stumble Out Grill on Facebook or reach them at 509-980-0082. The restaurant is located in the former Old Highway Tavern building. 

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