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Referee shortage to affect sports

Aug 25, 2022

In what was to be the first normal sports seasons since the beginning of the pandemic, a referee shortage will change things up, yet again.

The referee shortage is affecting school sports across the Columbia Basin and will lead to sports games being moved to alternate days from their scheduled days. Referees want to ensure that students have an opportunity to play and won’t lose out on games so the alternating games was their answer, in order to be able to accommodate teams.

Referees are being recruited to help with the shortage. As older referees look to retire the goal is to bring in new younger ones. Referees can range in age from right out of high school to retirement age. New members to the Washington Officials Association are teamed with an experienced veteran who can coach them to understand what to look for on the field/court.

The shortage isn’t just affecting fall sports, Hallie Tuck, of Eltopia, stated that winter sports will also face the shortage. Tuck serves as a wrestling official.

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